Alternate Uses For a VSI Hydroseeder

A jet agitated hydroseeder is a very versatile machine that has many practical uses in the lawn, landscape, municipal or grounds maintenance world! 


Obviously hydroseeding is a highly efficient and highly profitable venture in and of itself, but we have many clients who use their hydroseeders for alternate uses even more frequently.


  • Watering newly planted sod, trees and shrubs.
  • Watering flower pots and flower beds.
  • Washing out skid steer and excavator tracks (high volume of water is key here, much more so than pressure)
  • Over-seeding established lawns
  • Dust control
  • Fertilizer and other nutrient applications
  • Light Fire Response/Suppression
  • Flushing out culverts
  • Anything that requires high volume and good pressure water 

Check out this video of using the hydroseeder to over-seed:


We have been told by our clients that the longer they own their VSI Jet Agitated Hydroseeder (JAH), the more that they like it and the more versatile they find it.

We would love to chat with you about getting into a hydroseeder, no matter what you might plan to use it for, call, email or checkout our website where we sell our full line of hydroseeders, hydroseed accessories and our premium hydroseed additive, TKO and TKO Tack. 

Written by Ben Linder

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