Spring is Around the Corner

Spring is Around the Corner

Manufacturing has been ramping up here at VSI. With spring not being too far away our focus has shifted from de-icing equipment over to hydroseeding equipment. Our inventory is stocked up to make sure that when a customer makes an order we can ship it out as soon as possible. Recent office and shop renovations have boosted our productivity and brought down our lead times. We have been working to come out with our own blend of fertilizer and tackifier to make things easier for our customers, which we might have in stock as early as next week! One of our main focuses is to help our customers gain knowledge on the whole hydroseeding process so do not hesitate to give us a call with whatever questions you have. Our success relies on our happy customers who are well informed on how to use our equipment and the whole hydroseeding process. Our Staff has experience using our equipment to complete erosion control jobs, new lawns, and lawn repair. We look forward to talking with you and setting you up to succeed!

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