VSI 200 Gallon Jet Agitated Hydroseeder

Voigt Smith Innovation


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This unit is compact enough to fit in a toolcat, or a short bed 1/2 ton pickup. The compact size makes it easy to get into areas where large trailer mounted units can't go.


  • Fork pockets allow for easy moving with a forklift or skid steer
  • Standard bead blasted, epoxy primed and powder coated skid, optional stainless skid ($750)
  • Compact design is light enough to load and unload by hand with 2 people 
  • Honda GX200 engine mated to a 2" Banjo Poly Pump, optional electric start ($600)
  • Powerful jet agitation mixes quickly 
  • All fittings are flanged and all hose connections are cam locked for easy removal and assembly
  • Optional pond suction feature allows unit to self fill without the use of an auxiliary pump ($250). Garden hose camlock kit comes standard so you can hook up your garden hose and walk away without fear of the hose falling out of the tank
  • Capable of hydroseeding 2000-2400 sq ft
  • Spray gun is equipped with camlock connection and camlock spray nozzle connections, meaning you can quickly and easily exchange spray nozzles without any pipe wrenches or other tools. Standard swivel on spray gun means your hoses wont twist or kink as much, or fight against you while pulling them along. 
  • This model includes one 50' camlock hose section (1.25" spray hose), 1 50* (1.25") brass spray nozzle and spray gun. Additional 50' camlock hose sections can be purchased for $175, additional camlock spray nozzles can be purchased for $100 each
  • This unit is capable of hydroseeding through 150' of hose, past 150' of hose, too much spray volume is lost to use the machine efficiently
Length (Inches) Width (Inches) Height (Inches)    
52 47 49  
Engine Pump Max Hose Weight (Unloaded) Weight (Loaded)
GX200 Honda 2" Banjo Poly 150-200ft 366 lbs 2006 lbs
  52 PSI, 215 GPM      
Coverage Mulch (lbs) Seed (lbs) 1-2 Punch* Mix Time
2000-2400 Square Feet 80-100 10-14 2 Scoops 4-6 Minutes

*1-2 Punch is the VSI brand of fertilizer and tackifier. One scoop = 100 gallons

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Curious to learn more about hydroseeding? Just askadvice is free! We are an end user manufacturer, meaning that we started our manufacturing company because we focused on building equipment for our landscaping company (and still do) for years as an end user before we ever started selling any of it.
We know what works and know what products give us the best results. We have resources to get you the best quality mulch, fertilizer and tackifier at great price points almost anywhere in the lower 48 states.

“The VSI Guarantee”

At VSI, nothing is more important to us than your complete and total satisfaction with our products and customer service. From the day you buy it to the day you retire it, we want you to truly feel that the product you purchased served you as well or better than any piece of equipment you have ever owned.

We use only Honda engines on our machines. Our machines are tested by Honda to ensure they meet every specification and parameter so that your engine will last for a very long time and are backed by Honda’s 3 year commercial warranty.

We use Banjo pumps, valves and plumbing components on our machines. All Banjo products are warrantied for no less than 1 year from the date you purchase your machine.

At VSI we warranty our overall machines for 3 years from the date of purchase. We understand that downtime is expensive and will make sure to minimize it for you. Even if the part failure is your fault, we will overnight parts at wholesale cost to keep you up and running.

VSI is under no liability or obligation of any kind with respect to an issue with a VSI product that is directly or indirectly attributable to normal wear, corrosion, neglect, misuse, alteration, modification, improper handling, improper storage, improper installation, improper maintenance, improper repair, failure to follow VSI's oral or written instructions, damage during or after shipment, any VSI product for a purpose or application for which it is not fit or suitable.