The supplies listed on this page are suggested for use in a VSI Jet Agitated Hydroseeder.



In a jet agitated hydroseeder you must use paper based mulch.  We recommend a granular mulch (pellets) which is easily pourable and mixes more quickly.  Bales of paper mulch will work in your jet agitated hydroseeder as well but will take much longer to mix and break apart. Click here to watch a video that covers some of the more widely available paper mulch options.

To locate these mulch options near you, try looking at the following locations:

Site One

AM Leonard

Hydroseed Supply

or other landscape supply stores in your area.



We always recommend a high quality seed from a seed supplier, not from a big box store.  Good seed in the Midwest will contain Rye, Kentucky Blue Grass, and Fescue varieties or any combination of these.  We always recommend adding annual rye to your seed mix for spring or summer seeding, as this will germinate quickly and provide quick cover and additional erosion control.



For fertilizer, our recommendation is going to be our own TKO: Total Knockout.  TKO is a premium fertilizer, micronutrient, organic acid, and biostimulant blend.  It can be purchased on our website and be shipped directly to you by clicking HERE.

There are other fertilizer options that you may be able to find locally.  It is important to get a high potency, water soluble fertilizer that is make for hydroseeding.

We do not recommend granular fertilizer as it will not mix evenly and in turn, not apply evenly.



Our recommendation for tackifier is going to be our own TKO: Tack which will come with a jug of TKO: Total Knockout if ordered from our website.  The tackifier you use should be a high quality, high potency, water soluble powder or liquid.



With water being the main ingredient when you hydroseed, it will be important to have access to it.  If you don't have a good water supply at your personal location, some other options include:

  • Local municipal fill stations.
  • Buying a water storage tank that can be kept full with a water hose.
  • Utilizing the pond suction feature on our hydroseeders to pull from a body of water.