Metal Pless Plows

VSI is proud to be a dealer for Metal Pless snow plows. Metal Pless makes the toughest, cleanest, most durable scraping plows you can buy. Available in multiple configurations including push boxes, hydraulic wing plows, and live edge plows. With a Metal Pless you are able to scrape cleaner and apply less salt after plowing, saving the environment and your money.

We are able to get any plow that they offer, but here is what we have in stock ready to go:

AgriMaxx AGH1036-16 Live Edge Wing Plow w/undercarriage tractor mount $26,590

2x PlowMaxx PLSS0830-13 Non Live Edge Wing Plow w/ skidsteer attachment plate $10,450

Smart Pusher 10ft rubber edge push box w/ skidsteer attachment plate $2,100