1-2 Punch, Fertilizer and Tackifier, 7 or 28 Pound Pail

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This bucket is enough to cover 2 acres! Sample quantities availible, call for details.

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Voigt Smith Innovation is now offering a custom blend of our two favorite products for your hydroseeder! This high potency, water soluble mixture is designed to hold the mulch in place while supplying the seed with the nutrients it needs. This blend is compatible with any size unit, jet or mechanical.  
Hypertack Tackifier • Low application rate • Low rates mean less product purchasing and less cost • Long Laster, Hypertack is a polymer that last 5-6 weeks and is broken down by sunlight • Easy to handle • Compatible, Hypertack is compatible with mulches, fertilizers, surfactants and biostimulants
Generate XR 9-25-5 • High potency water soluble fertilizer • Low application rate, 8.3 – 12.5 lbs/acre • Rapid germination specially formulated to provide the proper amount of phosphate to nitrogen an and potash • Enough nutrients to provide healthy growth in the early stages of turf development  
These two products have been blended together to provide the best of both worlds in one bucket! Every pail comes with a scoop to ensure the proper amount is added to every tankful.   
1. Fill tank with water  2. ’ 3. With the agitation system running, sprinkle in the blend. 1 scoop per 100 gallons 4. Finish adding mulch and let mix 5. Ready to spray!