305 Gallon Low Profile Liquid De-icing Sprayer; Brine Sprayer- GPS Rate Control

Voigt Smith Innovation


For sale is a new VSI 305 Gallon Low Profile De-Icing Sprayer. This is a top of the line de-icing sprayer with many add on options available.

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This and all of our de-icing sprayers (except sidewalk units) come standard with the automated rate/speed control package. Set an application rate and go, no math or calculating speed you need to travel for proper application rates.

Note: Pictures shown with optional 300 ft Hannay hose reel and 3 lane boom valve package.


  • GPS control package for precise application of de-icing product comes standard.
  • Front fork pockets for easy loading/unloading
  • Low profile design does not block the back window of a standard ½ ton or larger pickup for optimal visibility our your back window and rear view mirror while plowing snow
  • Powder coated stainless steel skid comes standard
  • Honda GX200 electric start mated to a Banjo 2” poly pump
  • Centrifugal Stainless electric pump available (pre-treat or single lane only applications)
  • Single lane hitch mounted stainless steel boom with selectable fan and jet tips comes standard, optional 3 lane boom available for 30 ft spray coverage in a single pass. ($1,375 upgrade)
  • Optional 140 or 300 foot Hannay electric hose reel ($1,400-$1,575)
  • Micro-Trak Spraymate plus controller provides a wide range of features for adjusting and monitoring total usage, per account usage, current tank level and adjusting application rate on a per acre or per lane mile basis. We are the only de-icing equipment manufacturer that uses a magnetic flow meter with no moving parts inside.. This means if you get sand/silt in you brine, your flow meter won't quit when you need it most. It also means you will never need to replace your flow meter!
  • System allows for self-loading from storage tank and for filling other units from it 
  • Capable of pre-treating up to 8 acres and post-treating up to 4 acres
  • Compact design for transport in a 6.5ft bed pickup with the tailgate closed

Shipping rates throughout the upper 48 states are probably more reasonable than you might realize. Our average shipping rate for a sprayer or hydroseeder is around $275. Shipping within the midwest can be as low as $75.

Curious to learn more about liquid de-icing? Just ask, advice is free! We are an end user manufacturer, meaning that we started our manufacturing company because we focused on building equipment for our landscaping company (and still do) for years as an end user before we ever started selling any of it.
We know what works and have advanced to a point where we no longer use any granular de-icing products, liquid only at a much higher profit margin than we were making with salt... Liquid de-icing is the future, ask us how we can help you get there too! We truly believe this equipment can make your company more efficient and more profitable, let us show you how! Phone, online and nationwide onsite consultations are available.

“The VSI Guarantee”

At VSI, nothing is more important to us than your complete and total satisfaction with our products and customer service. From the day you buy it to the day you retire it, we want you to truly feel that the product you purchased served you as well or better than any piece of equipment you have ever owned.

We use only Honda engines on our machines. Our machines are tested by Honda to ensure they meet every specification and parameter so that your engine will last for a very long time and are backed by Honda’s 3 year commercial warranty.

We use Banjo pumps, valves and plumbing components on our machines. All Banjo products are warrantied for no less than 1 year from the date you purchase your machine.

At VSI we warranty our overall machines for 3 years from the date of purchase. We understand that downtime is expensive and will make sure to minimize it for you. Even if the part failure is your fault, we will overnight parts at wholesale cost to keep you up and running.
We are so confident in our products that if you buy a machine from us and are not 100% satisfied with it we will arrange and pay for return shipping and give you a full refund.