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The units on this page are exclusive to our Summer 2020 sale.  The Summer sale 750 ASM comes with the add ons of the 200ft electric hose reel and the 3 lane boom.  Price reflects 15% off from 2019 models.

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The VSI 750 ASM De-Icing Sprayer is loaded with the features you demand when you need the job done efficiently and effectively. This unit is capable of handling 7.5-9 acres post treatment application and 15-23 acres in a pretreatment application. This sprayer offers standard features that other companies would consider upgrades or add-ons.

Standard Features

  • 200ft Electric Hose Reel: Adjustable spray pattern at the end of the stainless steel gun for a jet stream or fan pattern. Makes treating entryways, sidewalks, hard to get to areas, and stairways a breeze. Rewind the hose with the push of a button and be back on your way.
  • 3 Lane Boom: Adds 2 more electric valves on the sprayer and all the nozzles and hoses for the boom. The sprayer is now able to cover a 27ft wide swath with the ability to turn any section on or off with the flip of a switch on the controller. Can also use the sides to treat sidewalks as you are driving next to them. This upgrade makes the sprayer very efficient and can replace multiple passes to cover wider areas.
  • GPS Rate Control: Electronics in the system monitor the flow to the boom and adjust according to the speed of your vehicle. It's as easy as setting your application rate in the controller and turning the boom on. No more over or under application resulting in wasted product or unsafe surfaces. The boom also shuts off on its own if the vehicle is brought to a stop even if the operator forgets to turn the switch off. We believe this is so important we do not offer this as an upgrade, it is standard.
  • Honda GX200 Electric Start: These 6.5 HP engines are easy to start in the extreme cold and run reliably. They are paired to a 2” Banjo poly pump and provide plenty of flow to the boom to give the system a max speed of 17 MPH at 80 gallons per acre with all three booms on.
  • Single Lane “Pile Driver” Boom: Downtime from accidentally backing into a tree or a concrete light pole stand are gone. Our new boom design has been torture and field tested to hold up to accidental beatings. With the heavy duty metal shroud and the stainless pipe welded inside its almost impossible to put out of commission. Boom features jet tips for post treatment and high speed pre treatment applications, and a broadcast tip for even coverage in low speed pre treatment applications.
  • In-Cab Controller: Provides a wide range of features for adjusting and monitoring total usage, per account usage, current tank level and adjusting application rate on a per acre or per lane mile basis.
  • Magnetic Flowmeter: No moving parts on the inside to calibrate or fail. This flow meter reads accurately even with the density changes of additives that would cause a turbine flow meter to be off unless calibrated every storm. Turbine flow meters can be off up to 33% at the end of one season and quick to fail, while these will perform as expected season after season.
  • Built In Tie Downs: Ability to bolt the unit down or attach to the truck with straps or chains.
  • Powder Coating: The skid is bead blasted, acid washed, epoxy primed, and powder coated for maximum durability. We spare no expense when it comes to protecting the skid from corrosion in the harsh environments that they are used in.
  • Full Tube Fork Pockets: No risk of having your forks damage any plumbing when loading and unloading the sprayer. This sprayer is equipped with front fork pockets for ease of loading in multiple situations
  • Self Loading and Pump Out: This system is able to self fill from storage tanks or any other tanks that don’t have a pump to load. No more buying extra pumps just to fill from storage tanks. It also has the ability to pump out into other sprayers with a full 2” line. Any smaller sprayer on the route can be filled in minutes by this sprayer and resume spraying.

Optional Features