TKO Total Knockout




This fertilizer blend uses two different catalyst products to make phosphorus more available and not tied up.  This will also allow the NP&K and all micronutrients to be available longer.  The organic acid (or humic acid) in the blend helps keep nutrients in available form for the crop, as well as making nutrients already in the soil more available for the crop.  This blend has a great balance of major and micronutrients which has proven to drive root growth and top growth.  The ratio of nitrogen to sulfur is 15/1, which will help with color and growth.

We tested our old fertilizer, 1-2 Punch, against our new and improved fertilizer, TKO: Total Knockout.

Each area was hydroseeded exactly the same besides the difference in fertilizers.  As you can see, TKO totally knocks out 1-2 Punch!

TKO Vs 1-2 Punch