Metal Pless and Voigt Smith Innovation are proud to announce a new and unique product line, the Plowmaxx 8-13 STD VSI Limited Edition built in the USA! With its distinctive design and color scheme of the premium "Born to be a Snowfighter" option, this blade is a perfect fit for skid steers and compact loaders.

The Plowmaxx 8-13 has proven itself over time as a reliable, heavy duty blade at an extremely competitive price.

Metal Pless and VSI have had great success over the years working together and we are pleased to announce this new partnership. The Plowmaxx 8-13 will be built by VSI in Southern Minnesota. A new era for Metal Pless to offer an exclusive product Built in the USA.

As a leader in snow plow manufacturing, Metal Pless has developed a strong and loyal customer base in the United States. This market is of utmost importance to us, and we will continue to strive and offer the best products and service available in the industry.”

At Voigt Smith Innovation we believe in challenging the status quo and finding a better way. At the same time, the core values of efficiency, durability, and productivity cannot be compromised. If you find value in those same items, then take a look at the Metal Pless Plowmaxx 8-13 STD VSI Limited Edition hydraulic wing plow. This plow incorporates those desired values but is now built in the USA and comes packaged at an affordable price.

The Plowmaxx 8-13 plow has an eight foot center moldboard with two and a half foot wings on each side for an overall open width of 13 feet. The height of the moldboard is 30 inches. This plow is well suited for skid steer loaders 74hp and higher as well as compact loaders up to 13,000 lbs.

VSI is offering a pre-order program now to guarantee plows for fall delivery and also to lock in these plows at the lowest price ever offered in the USA.  Turbulent steel market prices have seen dramatic doubling in recent months causing most snow plow prices to increase by six to ten percent (or more). A down payment of $2,500 will lock in current pricing and protect yourself against uncertainty of part availability or record long backorder dates seen by some commercial equipment manufacturers.  This down payment is non-refundable and will be applied 100% to final balance. Remaining payment and applicable local sales tax due prior to pickup.

Pricing includes a standard 8 or 14 pin plug seen in a majority of factory equipped models, picked up at our location near Mankato, Minnesota. Different harnesses, the additional set of 8' hydraulic lines, and pickup locations will change the cost.


Harness Options

8 or 14 Pin Harness (Included in price)

Bobcat 7 pin machines can use the factory joystick to control the plow wings. This 7 pin adapter requires no special installation. (+$700)

Machines without a factory equipped 8 or 14 pin plugs can utilize the upper harness and rocker switch option. This simple installation requires a 12V power connection, a ground, and routing of the cable and rocker switch into the cab of the machine. (+$375)


Hydraulic Lines

We can supply a set of 8' hydraulic lines with flat face couplers that are pre-installed on the plow. (+$275)


Plow Pickup Locations

Mankato, Minnesota: Free Pickup!
Des Moines, Iowa: (+$150)
Chicago, Illinois: (+$250)
Detroit, Michigan: (+$250)
Cincinnati, Ohio: (+$250)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: (+$350)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: (+$350)
Somerville, New Jersey: (+$350)
Scranton, Pennsylvania: (+$350)
Syracuse, New York: (+$450)
Gardener, Massachusetts: (+$450)
Bozeman, Montana: (+$450)
Fort Collins, Colorado: (+$450)



We know many of you rent machines or are not sure what equipment you will be plowing with in the future season so harnesses, hydraulic lines, and even pickup locations can be changed prior to delivery of the plows this fall. We are trying to offer as much flexibility and stability that we can for everyone who was BORN TO BE A SNOWFIGHTER.