VSI Refurbished Stainless Steel 1800 Brine Maker (Only 1 Remaining)

Voigt-Smith Innovation

$18,500.00 $24,000.00

These brine makers are completely redone by the VSI crew. Upgraded with a brand new tank on the top and our agitation system so you don't have to wait long for a batch of brine to mix.

We have upgraded the pump on this set up to 220v single phase electric motor with 2" self priming Banjo pump (dual pumps availible, $3,000 upgrade) . These provide more flow than the original motors so you are able to make brine and load trucks faster.

All new flanged plumbing with all the same features as our brine makers so you are able to draw from a water tank, make brine, pump to your storage tanks, draw from your storage tanks and additive tanks, and load trucks.

Our stainless steel models are $24,000 so by buying a refurbished model would save you $5,500.

There is only 1 of these brine makers left so call to reserve it today!

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